Anesthesia is ideal for patients with severe dental phobia. For such patients we offer sedation (twilight sleep). Dental sedation allows anxious patients to receive the dental care they need without fear and anxiety to complete the treatment. Anesthetist working in coordination with the dentist.

This type of anesthesia has a much stronger and safer effect compared to nitrous oxide, so it is more effective in anxiety patients. This helps to keep the patient with little recollection of the treatment, and in the case of sedation he gets into a relaxed state, he can perform verbal instructions.

Dental Clinics offers its adult patients the opportunity to undergo anesthesia. Dental treatments performed under general anesthesia are not suitable for everyone. This is only used in anxiety patients when treatment with tranquilizers (sedation) is not possible or appropriate.

This general anesthetic service for dental treatment in Hungary is for highly phobic adults, as long as you are completely healthy.

Nervous patient care in with superior dental treatment.